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lirik lagu favorite girl – marques houston

“favorite girl”

[verse 1]
i’ve been in 9s and 10s
some came around again
i’ve seen a dime or two
they don’t compare to you
so many things i like
too many to even name
i wanna be your man
i hope you feel the same

baby, all i wanna do is hold you
and show you how much i adore you
want you, need you, baby

you’re, you’re my favorite girl
baby you’re the only one
i wanna give you the world… yeah
you’re, you’re my favorite girl
you really really got it goin’ on
everything that a man could want
you’re my favorite girl

{you’re my favorite girl, uh huh}

[verse 2]
girl, i’m not playin’ games
i’m in with other days
i figure what’s the use
there’s really no excuse
many good qualities
i can’t think of one complaint
that’s why you’re number one
and all the others ain’t love



you’re everything a man like me could ever want
give me what i need and nothing that i don’t
girl i promise that i will always have your back
you’re all i need, you’re my favorite girl

[chorus 2x]

you’re my favorite girl
you’re my favorite girl
you’re my favorite….

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