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lirik lagu feeding frenzy – dagon

the smell of blood in the water is as
thick as fortress walls and twice as strong
the predator moves with unimaginable
grace and speed.
death rides on crimson waves with not
a scythe but jaws of steel. each action chosen
with precision to feast upon its prey.
face of terror the end is near
bodies writhing with pain and fear
a watery grave welcomes you in
each razor sharp tooth is a nail in the coffin.
fatality comes on seas of blood
in the silent ocean depths
circling its victims with eyes of no
color or penitence
claiming another victim man learns
once again, saltw-ter is a poor anesthetic
for an impromptu amputation
feeding frenzy the carnage begins
basic instinct to feed on human skin
total carnage the scene is set
in the end you’ll beg for death
the whitecaps break as the beast rises from the deep
his gaping maw inviting eternal sleep
his glistening skin stained scarlet with blood
submerged again within the sanguine flood

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