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lirik lagu feel it in the air – juelz santana


yeah juelz santana (i can feel it in the air)
i mean you know, i wake up in the morning, and i be hearing this voice like
like ‘yo juelz man you that n-gg- man i don’t know why you ain’t, you ain’t up there with the rest of these n-gg-rs what’s up man?’
i just smirk and i reply like
it takes a little bit longer to get something that’s so far ahead

this ain’t where i’m supposed to be
i ain’t where i’m supposed to be (i can feel it in the air)
things are just moving slow for me
but this my year i swear (i can feel it in the air)
for sure i’m that n-gg- you know i’m that n-gg-, express power
it’s like every time the wind blow i get goose b-mps
i’m the future (i can feel it in the air)
roach infested dope infested
co-ops co-connected (that’s where i come from)
dirty apartment buildings
kids with more heart than feelings
so they resolve to k!lling (yup)
that’s what my music is (what?)
just a product of my environment and everything i grew up in
i used to think what is all this a waste
but now i see it’s all falling into place
i’m on 3rd and i’m inching from the corner of the base
i can’t wait to get home
i’m ‘bout to steal this whole sh-t
my alb-m is incredible
i swear i’m ‘bout to k!ll this whole sh-t
you n-gg-s know me, same dude i’ve been
ain’t sh-t change you n-gg-s know me
it’s just my pot’s a little more perfected
and the dots a little more connected plus (i can feel it in the air)
i’ve sat back watched the game from a distance (see)
now i see what the games been missing (me)
the break is over, the wait is over (i’m back)
everything that’s been taken is being taken over
plus a promised cam, imma make him a million
well guess what? we headed to the promised land (oh yeah)
they can’t break what’s unbreakable (my loyalty)
they can’t take what’s un-take-able
i ain’t just with you to the end of a session or end of a show
i’m with you to the end of the road
till death do us, part that is
you got a piece of my heart my nig
bless my grandmas soul know she’s up there watching
can’t wait to see her grandson grow
can’t wait to see her grandson blow
and her grandson knows cause (i can feel it in the air)

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