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lirik lagu fell in love – after classes

i can’t still remember the time i danced with that girl
i think i would have done everything for her
she’s so beautiful she was my whole world
i think i always thought about her

after i with a red rose
i wanted to tell her how much i loved her
we walked in the night
and that was the time i began to love her

everybody goes on the same f-ckin’ way
life is running just can’t wait
sometimes love shots arrows in our -sses
even if we want can’t turn back

everybody wants to try again
sometimes love f-ck my brain
sometimes i think i give up
maybe sometimes we have to suck!!!

i loved that girl much more than everything
she was so beautiful but she’ll never love me
i won’t forget this love was best i’ve ever felt
i don’t want to say good-bye i never want to offend her

some months later we went to a tour
she was also there with a boy
i hoped he didn’t care with the girl
and she loved him neither

but i had to be wrong this situation was so cr-p
because they slept in one bed
i felt i can’t never get her
she sucked the guy but i was the sucker!!!




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