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lirik lagu fight (over skit) – ashanti

ashanti: yo, we need to talk.

guy: here we go again, what we need to talk about man?

ashanti: we need to talk about us, and whats goin’ on.

guy: is that all we need to talk about?

ashanti: well, i been thinking, i dont think imma be able to forgive
and forget all this sh-t you been doin, it, it just aint workin out.

guy: yeah you know you been thinkin and i been thinking to though
ya know, you know what i been thinking, i been thinkin that
the person i got with aint standin in front of me right now, now
you done did a whole flip and change on a n-gg- man.

ashanti: oh guess what you done change all this sh-t you doin
how you expect me to be the same person, i’m not the same
person, why, cause of th sh-t you be doin.

guy: yeah, so what the f-ck you sayin?

ashanit: uhh, what am i sayin?

guy: yeah what the f-ck you sayin

ashanti: im sayin its ova!

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