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lirik lagu fight the distance – matt cab

fight the distance

fight the distance
fight the distance

she’s a thousand miles away
still i feel her every day
and i wish that i could say
so much i love you, i love you
and the wind is like a whisper
’cause i hear him when he calls
standing in this thing together
catch each other if we fall

we stand to test of time
will make it if we try
will find a way to fight the distance
no matter where we are
we can’t connect the thought
and find a way to fight the distance
i can feel you here with me
my heart soft beating and put fixing
it doesn’t matter if you’re across the sea
’cause i know that we, we can fight the distance

seeing all the lights are rough
and the city is fast asleep
i’m the only one awake
’cause i live to see your face
and though the clock keeps ticking
and all the eldest p-ssing
it feels like time is frozen
until the day i get to you

[2x chorus:]

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