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lirik lagu fighting back – mudoven


your body and mind, molded by electic jew
it’ll be no loss when they come to murder you
soft, weak and fat, you can’t even fight
but worse than that, you’re not proud to be white

(chorus) the muds and the jews, they’ve come to attack
until my last breath, i won’t turn my back
they’ve come to attack, but i’m fighting back(x3)

when their armies come to end your worthless life
twenty-five n-gg-rs will gan-rape your wife
but i’ll still be fighting, killing what i see
risking my life to set my people free (chorus)

f-ck your path of least resistance.

the war is underday, you’d better be prepared
’cause might makes right, and the weak won’t be spared
guns and bombs will be our voice
stand up whitey, make your choice! (chorus)

i refuse to let the future of my race be compomised by
whitey apathy is pro-n-gg-r.