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lirik lagu fine line – little big town

completely complasive
so excitedly vacant
i keep waiting for something to give
but that something is always me
you consume what your able
i get crumbs from your table
you call this comfortably normal
but i call it getting by

baby its a fine line
im holding on your holding back
baby its a fine line
cant you hear it knockin at your door
but your taking your sweet time
in love and out of touch yeah
baby its a fine line
baby its a real fine line

do you feel the distance
like i feel resistance
if i pull any farther away
would you even come after me
but the one thing im fearing
is im disappearing
how can i keep believing
if you wont prove me wrong


oooooooh oooooooh
oooooh oooooooh


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