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lirik lagu flower – cyw


put a flower on my grave, so i know
i can’t feel so high, we just walked alone
slow and ghostly in the night of night
just know everyone’s gonna be alright

burning up into flames, take me far from this
we’re too young to call it quits
hilltop gazing, take in views of the moon
went too far but i think that it may be too soon

bouncin’ back from all the time that i’ve lost
grey for years, and i’m feelin’ the cost
but hold on, to the light
but hold on, to the light
hold on, hold, h-hold on
hold, hold on, on

hold on to the people near in all that runs gold
do try to take the heat and fight the cold, let’s go
plant a flower in the ground, i was told
it was over, we were over, it’s all over
now nights are glowin’
got the grip goin’
the days are golden
i’ve found my way, yeah, i’ve found my way