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lirik lagu fooled ya baby – nikka costa

i hid my heart in self-defense
i felt the break and consequence
never to return to meltin’ feelings inside
i told myself i wouldn’t fall again

even in the light of day
you’ll never see
how much i feel for you baby
or how much you mean to me

’cause i fooled ya baby, fooled ya baby
i’m going crazy wishin’ i could tell ya
i fooled ya baby, fooled ya baby
but now you’re in love with somebody else
i fooled ya baby, fooled ya baby
i wish i could tell ya how much i love ya
i fooled ya baby, fooled ya baby
but i’m the fool

i bit my lip in ignorance
i kept it quiet and sat on the fence
never thought it made a difference
but my time has come and gone
i never took the chance

i count the hours till i see your face
i’d stop the world from turning out in outer sp-ce
i’d get back the time that’s been erased
just to feel you near me, just to hear you say
that i’m yours till the day you die
and ain’t n-body else in your life
’cause n-body ever made me feel
s-xy like i was wearing a new pair of heels

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