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lirik lagu foot loose – 2long2beread


and i’m here waiting for the show
but when is it, i don’t know
and i stay here just for her
whisper she comes to me first

me, sittin in this tray
with nothing to do or to say
but now, i see her going straight on to the bar

cause she knows what she wants
and i know that she wants more
i’m waiting for her mouth,
her tongue and waiting for the salt.
there wont be another sip.

and it’s happened 1 more night again
tequila makes she happy and makes me sad
i see her outline run to the bamboo
where she will betraies me,with a b-52

me,sittin in this tray
with nothing to do or to say
but now that she isn’t here with me
cryin here until comes she

cause i know that she will return
for tequila salt & lemon
that she will comes tomorrow at the foot loose
there wont be another sip