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lirik lagu for the world – new found glory

“for the world”

[shai hulud cover, performed 4/21/2001 albany, ny]

poured myself out:
i am the empty cup
my hope has died away
and my tolerance faded.

how can i keep stability
on such shaky ground?
prayers that a smile will flag me down.

sadly i’ve learned there’s no truth in comfort;
well-being stems not from love.
anguish proves to be my only means of solace,
yet i want to be held by anyone,
with any arms

i spend another morn alone
in a world that rejects me.
a public unkind, laced with apathy.
this one’s for the world: i hate you.

life could get no colder;
i’m living out a dying cell,
but i can pull through.

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