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lirik lagu for you – bob sinclar


for you,yeah yeah
i wasn’t sure i was really looking
for you, yeah yeah
i know i said that i would do anything
for you,yeah yeah
in the end i could not pay the price
for you,yeah yeah
here’s little advice

bridge 1:

how could i be wrong ?
you overstimated me
why should i be strong ?
i can do nothing more for you

verse 2:

for you, yeah yeah
i feel so tired i ain’t gonna fight
for you, yeah yeah
it was wortha try but we know i ain’t right
there’re things i could do but i don’t think i could die
for you, yeah yeah
don’t expect me to cry

bridge 2:

i’m not your kind
i’m not so kind

writer: le friant, christopher / schreiner, jean guy / picandet, martin
lyrics © universal music publishing group, emi music publishing