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lirik lagu for your precious love , spoken – linda jones


into each life a little rain must fall
and you know every day can not be sunny
every smile is not a smile of happiness
and every tear that is shade is not a tear of joy

id like to dedicate this song to all of you lovers out there
because maybe you have a loved one who is far far away
maybe hes across the sea, or maybe shes just on another town

you know, i can imagine when your all alone in the wee wee lives out there
why dont you get yourselves a piece of paper and a pencil and sit down and
lord have mercy decide to write

knowing all the time that this letter that you write may not be a convo to
your loved one huh

but let me tell you something that you can say
you can say darling for your precious love, i give you the world on a
silver plate huh
but you all know what is that, that you will be telling a greatest lie,
and you dont wanna do that to your loved one, neither would i
but you can say darling for your precious love , i climb the highest
you know something ladies and gentlemen you could even wild as far as
telling him or her that you tryna swim the deepest sea.

but i think that you all can sit back, relax put your mind in place and
listen to me i think i will give you a better understanding of what iam
trying to say.

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