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lirik lagu forever being – euphoreon

what is our destiny?-
another day, another broken dream
hallucinations deceiving my reality
the screams within they kill
a lucid dream awakening
what the h-ll is this, staring back at me
is it me? forever being

fighting, watching, waiting, hoping, one day, you will
dreaming, reaching, endless, endeavor, nightfall, closing
crimson, rising, zephyr, howling, sky is, crashing
cannot, wake up, falling, deeper, ever, faster

i call in vain for thee
where are you forever being
an arrow through my heart
a frozen face so scarred

adrenaline is what i need
a violent force alive in me
electric streams tearing through my heart
imprison every corner of my mind
strange voices circling
embroiled in this misery of mine

please, come, execute this pain inside of me
alleviate my tears so i can see
being here is just too much to take
the days get longer the more i wait for you

i called in vain for thee
you failed me forever being
it’s me against myself and sanity
awaiting for the end to set me free
the powers that be will break me till i’m gone
without a cause, a reason to carry on
so empty is this state i now confide
a world away and far from being alive

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