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lirik lagu forged in the flames of malcontent – year of desolation

constantly fighting self mutilation in a battle of self control, seeking answers and forgiveness finding patience in my soul, but my patience was blessed, by a martyr and with a kiss.
from the degradation of protagonists fueled by everything i wish i could express.
in my forgiveness for everything i can’t control, learning to accept my defects, learning to exert control.
unlearning all the old resistance for something that i never even knew i had.
learning to create a defense for something i’ve become: forged in the flames of malcontent!

the weapon is within disseminating everything i’ve known and creating ways to change habitually the rituals i see withholding my true self.
i feel trapped in a world of endless regret, strung along and on and on.
this regret strung my life along.
from failed relationships: sacrifices had to be made, i reached within and opposed my innerself to overcome fear again.
to discover a sickness solely so deep in my soul that i can’t see and uncover genetics, forcing me to be, something i can’t be.

persistence, relentless, futile, everyone will die alone.
resistance, merciless, exile, everyone will die alone.
can we get through this?
(i don’t wanna die alone) can i see through this?
(i don’t wanna live alone) reaching acceptance.
(i don’t wanna live alone) accept existence: everyone will die alone.

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