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lirik lagu form a circle – adrenicide

tooth chip thrash
elbow to your face
get in the pit
if you cannot stand the pace
violent breed is raging
punch suckers on the jaw
losers on the outside
kick suckers to the floor

punks thrashers together as one
a raging whirlwind
where violence is fun
you’ll feel it tomorrow
when you awake
your skin bruised purple
and your bones all ache

a squadron of psychos
the floor their war-zone
drunken schitzo the gutter their home
slams like a madman
acts like a fool
break heads, snap bones
tear down walls

punks thrashers moshing as one
a bar-room brawl
where violence is one

get in the pit-in the pit!
and form a circle
get in the pit-in the pit!
do your sh-t-in the pit!
get in the pit!

total madman dude watch him rage
slams like a pro, jumps off the stage
hates nu-metal bands
thinks they suck
got a look in our eye
that says don’t f-ck

stuck in a time-warp since ’88
never gave up always kept faith
old-school warrior true to a cause
not a sold-out b-tch
like those nu-metal wh-r-s

kids are thrashin’ all around
banging heads to the sound
going round in circles
to the beat of the band
moshing like a lunatic
drinkin’ beer until you’re sick
diving off the p.a. never knowing
where you’re gonna land

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