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lirik lagu fortune force field – tech n9ne


i can see it right in front of me
but something is saying no
granted a lot has come to me
but sum’ major ideas still trying to make it go
fortune force field
i can taste this but can’t drink it
i can make it when i think it
can’t mistake it, so distinctive
man i hate this, man i dreamed it, can’t believe it
i gotta’ let it go!

(so! ) it’s on for tonight
(oh! ) hope this wall is ready for a fight
(yo! ) in this hole i’m reaching for the light
(no! ) a lot of dreams are lost in the night

[verse 1]
why you wanna try to take my bill ticket?
i mean real wicked, i seem real livid
i’ve been filled with it i mean vexed
un-ex-pect-ted-ness, when everything is the best
i get a minute to rest, but then
a n-gg- regrets i gets the money
but next i’m in debt (i won, what?)
i mean i lost take green from a boss
be the things that i dream but
they intervene they get my creme, then i’m off
(whose they?) they turned the motherf-ckin’ best position
into a deposition dealing with that will
make you wanna ex the mission
never no checks to get to and that’s the b-tching
how do i maintain my autonomy
with so many leaches in this economy
my moaning is mearly monetary
but the moment it’s really gone is scary
try to beat my high score, but i fight forward despite lawyers
an eye for an eye because my types warrior
never the less i inherit a mess, a big floor spiel
i’m steady pushing to break down this fortune force field


[verse 2]
yeah, it’s like pulling a bad one
get her off at the pad, then get the jimmy to stab some
but you can’t and puddy is right there
like a barrier or something, keeping you from her
such a negative type lair, you can never pipe nair
when you’ve got it in front of you
wanna do it’s a pitiful nightmare
it’s like making a baby, you never having it
it’s making you crazy
and toting a living human, it’s making you weighty
kick, kick, kick, shaking your lady
like late in the 80’s, got my name
and got to taking the stage
v told the people i got satan to save me
that’s why radio be hating to play me
everything you gain, only brains you pain
but the fame it fools the blame
but you regain it through strange
yeah, never put your guard down
because i wanna bang, bang, bang hard now
i’m a warhound, never mistaken i kick walls down
to the ground and get applause sound
because i got even, then i’m lard bound


[bridge] (2x)
lot of dreams are lost in the night

[verse 3]
f-ck your litigation
we gon’ win, just a bit of waiting
everytime that i get ahead
gotta be a motherf-ckin’ drawback
so i’mma draw back and bang them
b-tches ’til they all crack
msc look what you’ve done to me
kept the first five i done from me
and you others know that caribou belong to me
you come for me, just know we will never settle
war is what it’s gonna be!


[bridge] (2x)

yeah, been breaking down that
fortune force field for a long time
now i get my just due