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lirik lagu foul lair – brutality


digging graves – city buries dead
angry tears falling – the m-ssacre
cemetary defaced – age of pain draws near
a presence of troops – termination inflicted

civil unrest – mortar sh-ll exploding
on contact – sacrificing

cringing at the thought – that nothing can be done
to stop this madness – dreams fading fast

feel the pressure – brain starts to wither
absent warnings of attack – designated plots

arranged in order – grisly reminder turned to grief
discarded prayers – fear of living grows
depletion continues – at phenomenal rates
voices screaming – counting losses
suffering immortal

wounding opposition – parade the streets
victory accomplished
for time being thinking your safe – when attacks resume
creating more dead – wind of destruction

everything is grey – trees are gone
nothing stands
running through sniper alleys
viewing with disgust

a place you hate – killings everyday
before your eyes – burning corpses
flesh rains down – robbed of our defences
as other countries watch – fighting for land and power