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lirik lagu fresh pair of panties on – snoop dogg

it’s time to slow it down, steadily grindin
and this is, the big doggy dogg..

and i ain’t talkin about no air force ones
i just gotta know, before you let me get some

do you have a fresh pair of panties on?
i got to know, or you could show, me
silk cotton see-through lace your s-xy thong
i got to know, or you could show, me

[snoop dogg]
freak-a-leek, peak peak
let a n-gg- sneak a few, peek-a-boo
let’s see what we can do
i’m bout freakin you, and sneakin you
into a quiet place
so i can look at it face to face
let me guess, you prefer to wear cotton
i can tell, cause you like squattin
your last dude, he was so rotten
and now your love is to be gotten
yeah baby girl i can read your mind
but what i’m really tryin to do is ready between your pantylines
i know it seems oh so personal
but i’m just tryin to make you feel real comfortable
i know, so, what will it be?
and the type of underwear you wear i mean it’s troublin me
can i get a glimpse, one for the pimps?
i got one question, answer me this then


[snoop dogg]
you came by the chuuch with a whole lot of body
got invited to our annual pajama party
workin that lace, i think it was the french cut
yeah b-tch, you got a big ol’ b-tt
hidin it, should be dividin it
it’s real tight now but i got a way to widen it
and slide in it, real smooth like
with a little bit of miles davis to get you in the mood like
zoom boom hit the poom-poom right
just to get your groove right
i can make it happen, but it can’t happen if you ain’t good at it
when you gon’ let a n-gg- have a look at it?
callin all cars, yeah baby girl you a star
but it’s on you if you wanna go real far
now let me get a glimpse, one for the pimps
i, have one question, answer me this


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