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lirik lagu from tears – an ocean between us


did you find again the missing road
won’t you get lost, d’you need my hand
this path of sorrow, walk the line
show them the meaning of our fight
again, again the stage collapses
once again we’re broken together

you and i

from tears we rise
from the shadows of our failures
making our way through misery
the end is near, the darkness approaches
from tears we rise
from the ashes of our failures

the ashes wash away our blame
the ones we bear, the burden’s gone
this heart of darkness, make it last
it won’t be long ‘til we arise
over the top my pulse grows faster
this i swear: we’re bound together

me and you

cast down, your shadow
break down, the stars that guide us
light up, the skies that blind you
so we can see the light

this is, the end of
the promise, that they have made you
rise up, from ashes failures
so we can see the light