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lirik lagu from the front – the brat attack

in the land of no resistance,
the occupants seem so hesitant
to raise their, their voices,
to fight for all their choices
their freedoms, their liberty
minds controlled by the f-cking tv
keep us p-ssive, undecided
so they can keep us divided

2002, 100-000 people,
streets of spain, anti-global
yah! the march’s all over the world,
in 99 it was seattle
victory’s won, the battle has begun,
brought to their door steps in washington
murder of millions with a blink of an eye
we won’t partic-p-te in this genocide
as we looked back at those who died
the profit margin murdered all those lives

from the front, straight to the back.
3-4 we bring the attack

freed east timor, just yesterday
let’s hope they keep their democracy
free from the corporations
we don’t need another m-ss-market nation
to consume, to indulge
the price we pay to have it all
kill our species, kill our planet
we had enough of it
we’ll no longer take any of this
we won’t put up with this f-cking sh-t

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