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lirik lagu frustration – all wound up

frustration lack of concentration
im loosing my cool and i’m trying
to hold on to what i know

and i feel better
i feel much stronger when i’m understood
but you’re distant
and i live so far away

we get close minded
we’re so indignant indifferent to change
and i’ve noticed
your focus is somewhere else

frustration lack of concentration
i’m loosing my cool but i don’t think that
we’ll try this time cause…

trying isn’t enough
so i’ll keep pushing
until my dreams come true
and it’s time to move on
so i’ll keep pushing
until i see this through

if i knew then what i know now
would i still play would i still
try and be different
and follow my heart where it leads me
i’ve sunken to this point
i will not give this up

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