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lirik lagu fuck that – bathgate


now everybody put your middle finger in the air
and repeat after me…(nah f-ck that!)
i’m tired of b-tches riffin and trippin (nah f-ck that!)
you owe a n-gg- cause he went to prison (nah f-ck that!)
you ain’t giving head? ma let me beat it
oh you a sain’t now but you pushing me to eat it (nah f-ck that!)
all of a sudden harlem ain’t real like
we ain’t up for money, and we started pushing grills? (nah f-ck that!)
everybody saying this and that like bath be dat n-gg-
dat be spittin on them tracks
like, bullsh-t record labels
who, come at me with offers
like, eight f-cking alb-ms and you sure this just a hoax (nah f-ck that!)
fake bad b-tches front when you holla
cause you ain’t in the fire, but you walking right beside us (nah f-ck that!)
ma don’t let them front on you there
they ain’t pay to get it done
but want they fingers in your hair (nah f-ck that!)
b-tches with babies asking for dollars
talkin how they get this prada
but don’t know they baby father
an shorty run around with gucci on her feet
with a gap outfit, like that sh-t is really sweet (nah f-ck that!)
n-gg-z who charge fifty is sh-tty (nah f-ck that!)
wack -ss alb-ms, n-gg- come get me (nah f-ck that!)
bath the hottest though, who f-ckin wit me
not that n-gg- in your box, you really think that n-gg- hot (nah f-ck that!)
some say that kid ain’t nice, cause that song to hot
no that kid didn’t write, like i don’t ghost write
like i don’t flow tight, who that n-gg-
that just figure that he wont go like(nah f-ck that!)
you know them broads who came at me wrong like
“boo you look young,” but don’t know that i’m grown (nah f-ck that!)
this is for my teams on the block
push green or da rocks 16’s in them glocks (nah f-ck that!)
b-tch -ss cops with hand triggers (nah f-ck that!)
protect sh-t and air n-gg-z
just a bunch of hate crimes like rape and louima
and murdering diallo spittin slugs for no meanings
and they feel its okay, when they set up o.j.
but they wanna bag jay and puff and throw the key away (nah f-ck that!)
hollywood rappers who never sold that
get they jewelry, last week it was gone (nah f-ck that!)
bring back them 4.0s everybody ain’t rich to go add on the 6 (nah f-ck that!)
thats right you only live once
f-ck it, spend how you wanna go
trick on them stunts, if you do a little ex
or, hit a few blunts
get high! get crunk!
have fun! get drunk! (nah f-ck that!)
n-gg-z who come at you with tapes
like, “it easy cause you signed” and they wont have to wait (nah f-ck that!)
hearing out every beat weight, when you find what you like
sh-t, it ain’t on the tape (nah f-ck that!)
look dogs i’ma be grave, f-ck a feature they don’t want
this sh-t is hot anyway, any day we can battle dog verse for verse
f-ck will i’ma curse, matter fact, f-ckin jerk! (nah f-ck that!)

aye shorty, if you gon’ get the gucci shoes, get the gucci outfit to match
gap don’t match with that sh-t ma… ya heard?
harlem is back, expect it and respect it n-gg-
but girl you got anything to say? nah f-ck that!