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lirik lagu fuck what fireworks stand for – american nightmare

i just want the world to know – you’ve got me at an all time low.
but i wrote the song that broke your f-cking heart.
i’m caught up in ‘no sleep’ and i nod my head with every tear but they’re still drowning me.
it’s cold and i can barely see, and 5 am is here again so hang your head with me.
i was walking next to you in a sat-rday night-type light.
the faces blurred in with yours as i stumbled some words on life…
i was breathing thanks to you in a sat-rday night-type light.
and when the faceless kids danced towards faceless ends i quit life.
“i can’t believe that you’re not dead”
shrugged my shoulders, laughed inside, nodded my head.
and i don’t remember anything but seven songs of chances gone, that’s all i know.
anytime you want to go, i’m ready to go.
nothing shines on “feeling old” this isn’t right.
all i want is a reason to smile before i’m dead, i’m dead, i live in denial.
there’s nothing left inside of me.
you say there’s more but i don’t f-cking care.

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