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lirik lagu fuck you for now – ape

f-ck you, you cheating b-tch
f-ck you, ya fascist pr-ck
f-ck you, ya all are d-cks
f-ck you
f-ck the system, f-ck the state
f-ck the rules, and all the race
f-ck yourself before someone else
f-ck you

f-ck you
f-ck you
f-ck you
f-ck you

everyone is out to f-ck
f-ck your feelings you f-ckin dolt
if your not old enough to f-ck
guess what not old enough to f-ck
getting up but feeling down
get beat up then get beat down
get beat down then get back up
hope you don’t get skull f-cked

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