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lirik lagu full of hate – failed humanity


followed blindly for so long
weak mankind clutching at straws
cannot stand to be alone
creating a rock in the realm of the sane
and dealing with tests by other men’s law
p-ssing the blame; creating hate
how long left this facade
the truth will crush all the lies you are told

contradictions left ignored
the millions who have died so they can be saved
and burned when they would challenege this
the challenge would be to justify it
so accept your fate; embrace it
the future is what you make
just come alive eyes ablaze
and let your judgement be your god
you will be restored

all live held in hypocrisy
you can’t live this way
believe in the lies you cannot wait
die and then you will see

would you be forgiving if deceit was proved
wil you act with tolerance when the truth is known
or would you be full of hatred with us all

giving your trust, what was ever done for you?
loving mankind when they only spit on you
denying yourself and what is the possible gain