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lirik lagu funeral food – kate campbell


aunt fidelia
brought the rolls
with her
green bean c-sserole
the widow smith
down the street
dropped by a bowl
of b-tter beans
plastic cups
and silverware
lime green
tupperware everywhere
p-ss the chicken
p-ss the pie
we sure eat good
when someone dies

funeral food
it’s so good
for the soul
funeral food
fills you up
down to your toes
funeral food
funeral food

there sits mean
ole uncle bob
gnawing on a corn
on the cob
and who’s that
through the door
i don’t think
i’ve ever
seen him before
isn’t it a shame
she p-ssed away
she made
the best chocolate cake
let’s h-t the line
a second time
we sure eat good
when someone dies

everybody’s here
for the feast
but come next week
where will they be