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lirik lagu funeral sorcery – evilfeast

immortal is my admiration for the moment when the light
is fading
for a cold obscurity that embraces the expanse
life is a sparkle that expires in source
the only battle which we will never conquer
to perceive the conscience of dawn suffocated by the
which won’t surrender to the brightness again
this vision haunts me and once i was close to fulfillment
arriving too late after they took the cardinal part of
though the day shall come when i’ll reach it
for the wonder at this face is my internal fire
i go out in the immense sp-ces bounded by crowns, drowned
in fog
the dawn casts off remains of moon’s silvery cover
i hear a ghastly call that leads me to this sacral place
dark beyond all expression
the wood guides me where the scent of death becomes clear
i am there at last, on a thatch lies
what once was life’s essence taken to hateful force
in partial unity with soil, slowly returns to it
the sp-ce majesty arisen by junction
nature’s involution with death’s one evokes a bit strange
from euphoria to fright, from aversion to morbid rejoice
despite the vision’s end i know that the day shall come
of the encounter with my funeral sorcery…

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