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lirik lagu furball – bargain music

i ain’t got a friend in the world
but i got a special girl
her name is furball
her name is furball

i ain’t got a baseball bat
somebody took it i’m mad about that
but i got furball
mmm i got furball
and furball
she’s got me

well if you think this song is sickeningly sweet
just ignore the words and dig my crazy beat
or get yourself a copy of the prince and pauper
furball looks a lot like dennis hopper

hair so brown
eyes so green
and i’m the only one that knows
that she ain’t got a spleen

other night i was watching
the knicks against the heat
furball said could you change it please to 21 jump street
got mad at furball
but i still love furball
and furball
well she loves me
ya furball
well she loves me

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