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lirik lagu generous peace – kareem salama

this fool throws wet stones at me, insists on attempts to break my nerve
but i hate to respond to the anger and feed the fuel in those ugly words
they ask me why i say nothing at all, like i don’t have any self-respect
i say “gentleman, i’m like incense. the more you burn me, the more i’m fragrant”

chorus: and i don’t feel the need to act violently, and i don’t feel desire to fan the fire
you can say what you want about me, but i lace the lines of these times
with generous peace

there’s a thin line between virtue and fear, and it’s funny how they appear
both demanding restraint and control and it’s enough that i know it’s clear
that i’m not scared of you; i’m scared of me, and i live by controlling my fool
’cause you’re a fool enough for the both of us, but i still try to find the good in you


i know it’s hard to listen to the words you just can’t stand
it’s gonna more than a fist to enlighten an ignorant man
and don’t you see how we fear the patient eyes of a lion?
and don’t you how we fear those lions in their silence?


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