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lirik lagu get like me – double up mafia


get get get get like me [x1]

get get get get like me, can’t make no hit like me, yeen getting money you can’t do it big like me, get get get get like me, can’t stack no chips like me, get get get get like, i bet you cannot whip like me [x1]

[verse 1: skit-so]
get like, hit like me no you cannot spit like me p-ss like me, checkin out my feet you can’t get kicks, kiss like me, diss like me no yo hat don’t fit like me looking at my girl knowing you can’t pull no chicks like me, tryna be like me but yo style is just mockin, my money so sick that thomas j started coughin now i ain’t tryna be rude but shawty do wat ya do, say yeen heard of double up like we just out the blue i don’t know wat ya up to but me i’m tryna stack paper i’m starrin down at my watch said i ain’t got time for you hataz, so shawty get like me that means ya money is ya son man they say i’m over weight but my wallet ways a ton, wat ya don’t understand is that i’m sharper than jack knives you come with this beef then like mya i shall rise so shawty get like me you don’t wanna see me rise mistletoe on my back tell them kiss my back side.


[verse 2: yung army]
get like me man you ain’t no pimp like me i can take ya chick and take her girl while them twins like me a yeah get like me man bet her friends like me, no doe but ya know ya boy still got the key man my ice stay shinin my watch got diamonds i stay with 24 carrots ya watch stop timin so hit on the l.o i got it for the l.o like shawty lo they know i’m in charge so call me capo, riding with that hat low yeah i’m elastic folk she ran a test on me but i already p-ss it tho ridin with some plastic so i keep a hata askin tho try me if ya want i keep that tool c-ck blastin folk ballin like ime magic so money ain’t a object tho playin my money man watch em fall like dominos eat ya like some dominos get like me a double no i thought i told ya once befo that double up we finna blow.


get get get get like me (you see a hata in the club tellem) get like me (if they rollin up on dubs tellem) get get get get like me (if they ain’t showin no love tellem) get like me (if they be actin like a scrub tellem) get get get get like me (if they all talk and no action tellem) get like me (if you know they be swaggin jackin tellem) get get get get like me just tellem get like me

[verse 3: lutha]
ya’ll really can’t get like me shawty ya boy on the grind i’m stackin 50’s and 100’s ya know ya boy gone shine yeen gettin dat money like me yeen hot da chevy runnin like me i got dat tool c-ck back now who want it with me cause double up mafia on the scene and shawty it’s not a dream you betta cuff ya girl quick before i put her on my team cause ya already know that my pimp game like a pro now you might make it rain but i bet my chain make it snow matta a fact i make it tsunami now ain’t that funny cause you get chump change and i get money finna shut the club down cause it’s our turn now shawty 3 kings on the scene so just p-ss us the crown 08 is our year so them hataz gone appear but if they wanna get wrong i’ll c-ck it back and make them disappear, cause ain’t no time for you hataz all i know is get that money i stack paper.