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lirik lagu getting smaller – nine inch nails

getting a little erratic here
and i don’t know who to trust
i guess they got a way of reading my mind
i guess i got to adjust
i’ve got my arms that flip flop flip flop flip
i got my head on spring
well i thought i got you on my side
i haven’t got f-cking anything

i’m just a face in the crowd
nothing to worry about
not even trying to stand out
i’m getting smaller and smaller and smaller
and i got nothing to say
it’s all been taken away
i just behave and obey
i’m afraid i am starting to fade away

uh huh
i kind of see through the cracks when i press up on the wall
i’m not looking to stand up real high, i’d be happy to crawl
i think i’m losing my grip, but i can still make a fist
you know i still got my one good arm that i can beat
i can beat myself up with


hey, and for what it was worth
i really used to believe
that maybe there’s some great thing
that we could achieve
and now i can’t tell the difference
or know what to feel
between what i’ve been trying so hard to see
and what appears to be real

fading away [x4]

my world is getting smaller everyday
hey hey hey hey, and that’s okay

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