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lirik lagu getting there – crowned king


sometimes i think philosophy
about the future and where i want to be
down the road from now i’ve got my dreams
but they could all come crashing down
and i think that several years from now
i’ll have decisions to make and i don’t know how
i’m going to make them but i’ll try
to make a difference before i die

we all have dreams
and in my heart
i hope my are granted
with a head start

if i had my way i’d travel the world
i’m be free without a care
i guess i’ll see you when i get there

i see a man in shabby clothes
a cardboard box is his only home
i tend to wonder of his dreams
where did they go wrong, now on his knees
he prays to a god that failed him
it’s getting dark, the candle dim
and i leave him with no response
i hope i’ll never be this lost