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lirik lagu girl of my dreams – 2 week notice

saw this girl
man, she rocked my world
was the cutest girl that i’ve ever seen
walked up to her
gave her flowers
man, you should have seen the look
that she gave me.

i asked her out
i though about
how great that this girl seems
i can’t believe it
it’s just so plain to see
i met the girl of my dreams.

she made my day
thought about the way
she stole my f-cking heart away.
what can i say
this girl is great
i went right home to m-st-rb-t-.
this is all fate
we stayed up late
i can’t even concentrate.

we seemed so tight
we talked all night
i can’t believe it seemed so god d-mn right.
girl of my dreams (x3)
we went out and
she seemed so great
s-x was the only thing to antic-p-te
went back to my place
she’s all in my face
the way her lips tasted was oh so great.

should i care
did it seem fair?
she went right for my underwear.
then to my room
to do what i -ssume
ended that perfect night with a boom.

girl of my dreams (x3)
then the truth came out
what she’s all about
and how old
that she really is
who she’s been with
i can’t believe it
makes me f-cking sick
what a stupid b-tch!

now i saw her
the girl who rocked my world
i can’t believe how bad she treated me
should’ve antic-p-ted it
it’s just so plain to see
the girl of my dreams…
she’s only 13!
girl of my dreams (x3)
too bad she’s only 13 years old

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