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lirik lagu global backfire – forelock


look out a mi window yute dem fighting fi dem freedom still unknown who’s maneuvering dis kingdom
tell dem we haffi mute dis world a lyers first of all di false prayer a and society vimpires
me nah let dem give me suffer every day i getting tuffer
yess a blaze it up mi fyah stronger dan a candle snuffer
word me a go write down inna row
i man a nah clone from me born and grow no one let me down that’s why i sing so

everyday me a try fi move my self out a di scheme ye ye yeeeeh
everyday a step away the dream mi woulda live ye ye yeeee

we fall in to a
globally backfire me say global back fire
we all living in a
global backfire me say global back fire

how long we’ve been living inna land
where it hard to overstand
ka weh you smart you gonna banned
that’s why me start shouting as a rebel
tune it up di level a di lirical devil yeh
we cyaan have da same opportunities
truth it is not at all about abilities yeh
dem know how to speak
how fi trick we easy and
when you try refuse it dem drive you crazy

move out a di system
it ah treat you like a victim
nevah lost na hope
time fi stop dem trick we
step out a di slavery
whola a lyrics full a bravery
inna mi flow
quick you get the meaning
me nah need fi tell no secret
buss a blank if unno leaving
start your trip if you nah did yet
revolutionary teachings
walking on your journey
from di night till a morning
take your time now
me talk ‘bout a global warning