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lirik lagu go it alone – beck

i’m comin over
see me down at the station
by the lane
with my hands in my pocket
jingling a wish coin
that i stole from a fountain
that was drowning all the cares in the world
when i get older
climbin up on the back porch fence
just to see the dogs runnin
with a ring and a question
and my shiverin voice is singing
thru a crack in the window

i better go it alone

down on the corner
see me standin
on a makeshift road
with the dust storm blowin
in a long black shadow
pull a hammer from a coal mine
down where your daddy was workin
comb my hair back
strike a match on a bathroom wall
where my number was written
drivin on the sidewalk
lookin back and the sky is burning
in my rearview mirror

i better go it alone

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