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lirik lagu god bless the dead – 2pac

rest in peace to my mothaf-cka biggie smalls
that’s right boy, it’s goin’ on
right here, thug life
god bless the dead

god bless the dead and buried n-gg-
don’t worry if you see god first tell him sh-t got worse
i ain’t mad, i know you’re representin’ the crew
and i can picture you in heaven with a blunt and a brew

f-ck the world, pain was a part of the game
if you a baller, money went as quick as it came
my role models gone or they locked in the pen
straight hustlas, caught up in the whirlwind

the other day, i thought i seen my homeboy biggie
sayin’, “sh-t don’t stop, n-gg-, no pity”
we all hoods and all we ever had was dreams
money makin’ mothaf-ckas plot scandalous schemes

in the gutter, you learn to have a criminal mind
i was addicted to tryin’, never meant to do time
my epitaph will read was the last of g’s
kicked the sh-t to make the white man bleed
god bless the dead, that’s right

god bless the dead
god bless the dead
god bless the dead

man, ain’t n-body promised me a thang
i been caught up in this game
ever since i was a little motherf-cka wantin’ to hang
i can see ’em in my head, pow

memories of my n-gg- but he dead now
lookin’ back in my year book all the years took
half my peers, they’re stretched for years
and if i die will they all shed tears

two to the dome, leave me alone, let me get my head clear
paranoid got me lookin’ in the mirror
behind me, life without my nine, i’d rather do the time
see i’m old enough to know that ain’t no justice

f-ck the police and all the courts same way they f-cked us
and why the h-ll am i locked in jail
they let them white boys free
we be shocked as h-ll

in my mind i can see it comin’
and all the time it’s a plot to keep a n-gg- runnin’
by keepin’ gun and never run unless i’m comin’ at ya
cry later but for now let’s enjoy the laughter
god bless the dead, that’s right

god bless the dead
god bless the dead

rest in peace to all the motherf-ckas that p-ssed too early
all the young motherf-ckas that was took in they prime
real motherf-ckin’ gz, this one is for you
yo stretch, biggie

yo big this is to you my n-gg-
springfield hollis crew, thug life, y g’z
sendin’ they respect, you know i mean?
you my n-gg- for life, forever
you’re always gonna be with a n-gg-
no matter what, don’t forget that

i pray before i go to sleep
dear god save my place before i start to eat, ’cause times is hard
so i’m covered to my knees, oh why?
why you had to take my n-gg- with the rock i buy?

you had to take a good one, a ghetto hood son, uzi weighin’ a ton
n-gg-s terrified of comin’ from the young gun
hearin’ that they did it outta fear don’t amaze me
but it’s mind blowin’, so i’m flowin’ goin’ crazy

slip for c-ck the gun but he didn’t run like a punk
he shoulda had the gauze in the trunk
for sp-nk is what he had, kid, i’d ratha attack big
now ya ’bout to smell the aftermath of what the mack did

wannabe suckers wanna test, i’m tellin’ you, yes
the teflon’s bout to rip through your f-ckin’ vest
guess who? i’ll make a mess of your crew
quick the spirit biggie smalls and the comin’on clique, yeah

god bless the dead
god bless the dead
god bless the dead
god bless the dead

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