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lirik lagu god thing – according to john

i? m not real sure just what happened
i was on the floor crying out in desperation
and the next thing i remember
the heaviest load had been lifted from my shoulders

and i was tired of trying
sick of feeling
like i was dying

it was a god thing
can? t explain it
just like a freight train
can? t slow it down
it was a god thing
can? t contain it
sure of one thing
that i? m changing
what else can i say
it was a god thing

when you? re staring at your ceiling
no more disguise
just you and the one you? re needing
then there? s a feeling that you? re drowning
just hold out your heart
on the water someone? s walking

well i might not know the words
don? t know chapter – don? t know verse
but i know that i know that i know

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