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lirik lagu goin’ down – ol’ dirty bastard


i am the u-n-i, the q-u-e, the g to the o-d
i said i go by the unforgettable name of the man called unique g
well, my name is known all over the world
to the foxy ladies and the pretty girls
i go down in history
as the baddest brother that ever could be

you couldn’t show me
didn’t know me
how to be a true mc

my advantage on the m-i-c is the slang
that i manifest so you could never hang
obviously you know my name by now
i done thrown stupid parties all through your town
dirt megirt… that’s my motherf-cking name
love to flirt… that’s my motherf-cking name
they said “who wanna be an mc?”
i am the original g-o-d
making young ladies scream (is) my speciality
see my style, different from yours
make young b-tch want to drop their drawers

i gotta song for you all:
somewhere over the rainbow
where bluebirds fly
somewhere over the rainbow
why oh why

hear me now!

style funky, you know dat’s me
killer bee whohoho one man army
down for mine when i go on tour
throw your hands in the air if you want more
style is evil is like an wicked witch
with the mi-ca-phone spliggh! funky as a b-tch
which is which, makes me nasty nasty
next on the mic is the rappin nuh
you want some of the ason’s gun
shoot the n-gg-, blaaow, reaches no one
then you know not to touch my hoe
i like livin my own f-ckin show