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lirik lagu good boy – red rat


me a try fi be a good boy you no
but everywhere mi go, da girl them just a tempt me
cha, mi a try fi be a good boy you know
and hug up mi pillow, but da gal dem a ride mi mind so

mi sit don and mi say mi na go no where today
true mi no outta road di hot gal dem dere
dem na stop p-ss mi gate, wit some blurtnaat shape
disturb mi home work, mi can’t concentrate
no matter how mi try fi keep mi mind occupide
pure gal, dem a full up mi head, mi na no why
all 12.30 when mi should be sleeping
mi sneak down ina di hall and watch blue movie
mi say a blue, a true, an na nothing new
and if mi mother find out, mi na know what she woud da do
na badda talk you know, cause unnuh don know


when mi go a school, gal tun mi inna fool
cus a that pan mi mind, mi cant wait fi lunch time
mi have a pack of cards, we mi a bring from de yard
and mi and the girl under the tree, and we a play strip me
me big bredda jonh, ask mi a question,
which mi would da do if me p-ss mi exam
oh no, what a question
go ardennne, cause mi wan work da gal dem
meadowbrook, cause a pretty gal mi wan look
go priory cause the gal up there sweetie sweetie
campion, cause da gal up their act like bad man
and merlgrove, mi would da go if mi could
queen, st hughs and holy childhood
all immaculate, unno wouldn’t have fi guess
everyday mi would a bush inna mi pretty white dress
oh no, cause unno don know.


people you know se me parents grow mi up fi be a good boy
but everytime mi si da gal dem,
mi feel so f.f.f.f.faint


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