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lirik lagu good fortune – pj harvey

threw my bad fortune
off the top of
a tall building
but i’d rather have done it with you

your boy’s smile
five in the morning
looked into your eyes
and i was really in love

in chinatown
you showed me
just what i could do

talking about
time travel
and the meaning
and just what it was worth

and i feel like some bird of paradise
my bad fortune slipping away
and i feel the innocence of a child
everybody’s got something good to say

things i once thought
in my life
have all taken place

when we walked through
little italy
i saw my reflection
come right off your face

i paint pictures
to remember
you’re too beautiful
to put into words

like a gypsy
you dance in circles
all around me
and all over the world

and i feel like….

so i take my
good fortune
and i fantasize
of our leaving
like some modern-day
gypsy landslide

like some modern-day
bonnie and clyde
on the run again

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