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lirik lagu got it figured out – even all out


so you think you got it figured out?
well that’s why you can’t relate
and it’s not something you can talk about
because it hurts your head to contemplate these

thoughts and words we throw around
september turns to summer time
like up to down

nothing’s gonna change
nothing’s gonna change

so you’re set to go, you’ve got a plan
you’ve got a blue print for your life
so stand up straight and hold it in your hand
i’ll grab the other and i’ll change it in one night
it just takes one night

1, 2, 3 we’re counting off
pretending we’re moving on
but with our fingers crossed


(post chorus)
so don’t be nervous, don’t get too anxious
just know that nothings gonna change
you feel so helpless you cant escape this
you know that nothings gonna change

well i got back my waisted time and came to find that it took me
nowhere, nowhere
cause i came here on my own, all alone im not going
nowhere, nowhere

(post chorus)