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lirik lagu got that good (my bubble gum) – rasheeda

the type of girl you wanna chew all of my bubble gum
the type of girl you wanna chew all of my bubble gum
i’m the type of girl you wanna take to ya mamma house
take ta ta take take take to ya mamma house

[verse 1:]
yeah… the georgia peach and i’m back again
it’s time to do the d-mn thing betta tell ya friends
first thigs first i sheeda
mess around with no man who won’t eat her
it’s time to get it straight
these suckas round here trippin
you know you do it boy
so gone and keep it pimpin
got that juicy fruit
certified bubble yum… he goin down
chewin on my bubble gum
sometimes you gotta direct em like traffic
i don’t c-m quick but when i do it’s fantastic
i get em wide open
oh i think he like me
got that aquafina
make dem boys wanna wife me

[chorus x2]

[verse 2:]
yup… now letme see a nod or something
you lookin suspect like yo -ss is frontin
got my own car and my own crib
i see why you want me to meet yo mamma den
you neva had a flava like dis
a lil georgia peach with a lil southern twist
i hit and don’t miss
guarenteed money like the first and the fifth
yea i know i got that work
got that good good you wanna eat it like desert
he wanna show off this prize piece
so drop dem nickles off boy and get this dime piece

[chorus x2]

[verse 3:]
yup… it’s hittin for a lot of bread
i’m off the chain with it watch me do it with no hands
cl-ssy but get nasty at the same time
once i hit the football stand call it game time
posted in the club like a supermodel
jeans painted on
same price as the chris bottle
patete but that -ss sit just right
now he wanna beat it up like his first name ike
but i ain’t anna may
baby girl get money
baby girl don’t play
i pimp hard like dat
i don’t need a broke n-gg- on my arm like dat!


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