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lirik lagu grace – grant lee buffalo


[a phrase – spoken]

if i was the lone ranger
hiding behind a mask
wouldn’t be any danger
to the questions i ask
what ya say pocahontas
trade in your feathers and beads
for an electric blanket
and a packet of cigs
you bet
that’s what she said

if i had me a needle
for every bubble that popped
bind them all up like one
you would hear that pin drop
like a gun shot
like a shot

and if i was a world leader
would not mislead the world
i would not miss anything
miss america knows
that it’s only a pageant
that it’s only a show
isn’t even film in the camera
these aren’t even my clothes
no no no no
miss america knows

ah ooh ooh

you remember houdini
who not a shackle could hold
carved a trap door into heaven
to escape growin’ old
guess he just couldn’t hack it
bundled up for the cold
double-breasted straightjacket
french handcuffs of gold
no no no no
he escaped growin’ old
the growing old
oh oh oh