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lirik lagu grace – simon webbe

(grace, grace)
reaching out, looking for some way to escape the crowd
you whispered words that i’ve been searching for
somehow you answered my call
reaching out i feel i’m rising up

you give me (grace)
in a world that doesn’t sleep at all
you give me (grace)
it’s a place i’ve never been before
you give me (grace)
and in all of the confusion you’re the peace in my soul
that’s why i will never really be alone

suddenly, i’m up on the surface now where i can see
and picture the person who i need to be
and i know, yes i know i can make it
see me now, i’m slowly rising up


well yeah, these are difficult times
these are difficult days
but i know we can face it
ours are difficult lives
in a difficult place
oh you give me grace to say when i got it wrong
the grace and the will to carry on
reaching out i feel i’m rising up

[chorus x2]

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