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lirik lagu grave ideals – abramelin

i’m in love with death- i live for it. i die for it
your life! is mine to take away.
i’m here for the kill- i smell it. i taste it
i’ll m-st-rb-t-! all over your shallow grave.
the night is when i’ll strike
– darkness is my domain.
a fever of l-st burns through my loins
at the sight of you in pain.
i adore the screaming wh-r-.
begging for her life.
her hot blood streams upon my face.
she’s now my dying bride.
ripped from c-nt to chest,
your flesh burns as i hack
my c-ck grows hard as i kill.
i’m the nekromaniak
you’re out of luck, you b-tching f-ck, you’ll cry
with one last gasp
i smell your fear, your end is here- here at last!
now don’t you fret. i’ve not come yet
– you are my darling sl-t!
i’ll pull you down, into the ground
and give you one last f-ck!
your body still warm yet lifeless,
your death is such a sight.
i pump your corpse in ecstasy then c-m at
death’s delight.

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