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lirik lagu greatest x – janet jackson

yeah [x8]

my momma told me that this could happen to me
that he would grow to be this s-xy man
but i just couldn’t see
cause i had my blinders on
i was in my zone
and i had the trought of us in my head
somehow i turned us all off
and then i met him, and he wasn’t you
then i dropped my head thinkin what should i do
oh i

i loved you, and
you love me
and i just couldn’t see tomorrow, baby
and i cared for you
and i didn’t see us trought
now i know in my heart you will always be
the greatest x ever

now i can’t do a simple thing like fall asleep
cause i can’t close my eyes
without a day with you in my dreams, dreams
sometimes i call you phone just to hear you tone
and i never say nothin
wait just a couple of seconds to hear you breathe
and then i’m gone
but he’s not like you
can’t hel but to hold my head
thinkin what did i do
oh i

and i know that it’s all my fault
and it would be a lie if i said you didn’t cross my mind at all
how do i erase from my days that’s shaded and blue
all my luv’s with you

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