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lirik lagu green stamps – allan sherman

+green stamps
thrill me with your green stamps.
i love your little green stamps.
i took collecting green stamps.
i love the way they look.
oh how i love to pick them.
i pick them up, and lick them.
i lick them, then i stick them
in my brown green stamp book.
all day and night i’m dreaming.
i’m dreaming of redeeming
my green stamps for a toaster,
so gleaming and deluxe.
oh how it will thrill me,
and please me and fulfill me,
to know my toaster only cost me
fourteen hundred bucks.
i drive up to the market.
i stop my car and park it.
i buy a lot of strange things
of which i’ve never heard.
i buy, though it’s not urgent,
two truckloads of detergent,
three hundred pounds of bird seed,
though i don’t have a bird.
some extract of vanilla,
enough to feed godzilla.
then i’ll trade all my green stamps
for something i can drive.
a car is what i hope for,
what i bought all that soap for.
they promise me the first studebaker
made in 1965.

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