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lirik lagu groovae – abby 6

ahhh, soup
i said to go do what you wnt to
don’t let anyone stop you
but you gotta make a little money
make a little d.o.l.l.a.r.
my friends, i’ve yet to know
where the h-ll they are
do you know me, boys?
do you know me, girls?
do i know me, me?
do you know me, world?
so, i sid boyds will be boys
and they’ll keep on the fighting
girls will be girls
and they’ll keep on delighting
abby 6 is in the mother loving house
there’s gotta be a better way
there’s gotta be a better way
gotta be a better way
crazy little message sends my sunshine.
where’s groovae?
i found sunshines free
there’s plentae
my twenty, my twenty
is kinda squintae
and then the planets line up
as a sign of good luck for me
yeah! five years
maybe this year my friends
will make much bucks.
gotta be a better way,
gotta be a better way,
sunshine, sunshine yeah
gotta be a better way,
where’s groovae

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